Danny's Camaro

Danny’s Camaro

In memory of my brother Danny, my brothers and I are doing a memorial website for him, in hopes that others besides my family will cherish his memory and honor him as he deserves. Also if you have any sort of information on the case, even if you think it’s worthless, please contact us to let us know about it.

Dan was only 20 years and 14 days old when he was brutally murdered for his car, a metallic brown 1970 Chevy Camaro.

From the day he left our home for the last time on July 24, 1975 until November 11, 1975 my family endured such terrible pain, not knowing what happened or where he was.    My parents wouldn’t leave the house, they couldn’t sleep and they wouldn’t allow anyone on the phone in case the FBI or police called with information.  

Danny was in the U.S. Navy and the last ship he served aboard was the USS RATHBURNE.  He came home on leave for his birthday and to drive his car across country to his new ship the USS DURHAM. My father, who was a truck driver, helped my brother plan his trip by taking the most direct route from St. Paul, Minnesota to San Diego, California with a few stops along the way to visit with family. Danny left our house on July 24, 1975 for California however Danny never made it there and was missing four months before he was brought back to us.  On July 25, 1975 our family was called by the police in Birmingham, AL, and told Danny’s car was involved in a hit and run accident and he fled the scene before police arrived. My father told the police officer that it was impossible as Danny was traveling to CA not AL. Danny was reported as a deserter until his body was found in November located inside a barn off HWY 65 in Carrollton, Missouri.  My brother had been shot, robbed and his car was stolen by a person who might have been hitchhiking somewhere between St. Paul and Des Moines, Iowa.   

Even though my parents are now gone, we still endure this pain of not knowing, my family has never forgotten Danny or recovered from his death, he’s in our minds and hearts everyday of our lives and I still have hope today that whoever did this horrible thing will be man enough to step up and clear his conscious so that my family and his friends can in hopes find some peace and healing.

I know there are people out there who think because my parents didn’t make public pleas or a spectacle of themselves in 1975 that we didn’t care but that is so far from the truth. You didn’t live in that house, you have no idea what went on there, the pain, the walking on egg shells, all the unanswered questions and as the old sayings go, unless you’ve walked in someone else shoes, don’t pass judgment.

It’s tragic whenever a love one passes on, whether its natural causes, an accident etc, but in most cases you have closure, in this case, there never has been closure, and we are still waiting and wondering.

So our hope with this memorial website to my brother Danny, is so not only my family, but others can put their stories, thoughts, prayers and memories of Dan here in hopes of getting some sort of healing after 37 years.  It is my hope this Veterans day/Thanks Giving we all honor Dan, think of him, say prayers for him and give thanks that we had the blessing of knowing him.

If you have any information that could assist us in solving this crime please submit the information through our tip page.