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Di’s Agate memory

My big brother was I’m sure what all big brothers are first and foremost my protector growing up.   He was also a teacher of sorts, and I’m sure as all younger siblings are, I was the pest in his life.    But I do remember what a gentle sole he was, he would bait my hook for fishing, and take the fish off, I remember how gentle he was when picking up my then 2 year old niece Gwen and also when Dan and I became my nephew Greg’s god parents.   I remember the beautiful 4 leaf gold necklace with a diamond in it he gave my mom for mother’s day and I remember how Dan and I use to walk down the railroad tracks with our Grandpa every time we went to visit them and we’d spend the afternoon picking agates that the next trip up there would be all polished and ready for us to bring home.    And I remember how my grandpa use to give us each one of those polished agates on memorial day before we went to the cemetery to honor family members who’d gone before us and that he would tells us to make a hole with our finger by the head stone and stick the rock in there and cover it up again, that the memory of that person would live as long as the agates.   There are many  agates buried at Danny’s headstone.

I feel so cheated by someone taking my brother away from us,   he should have been there to see me grow up, he should have been at my wedding, our family Christmas’s, my parents’ funerals.    He should have been given the right to meet and marry that one true love, settle down and have children.    But because one coward couldn’t just leave him stranded in the middle of a corn field  when he took the car, instead he murdered him and didn’t care the manor and didn’t care if his family ever found him;  Danny shared none of these events.

We miss you Danny!